Dedicated Project Managers International Team from around the Globe
Stage Gate Program Management Simultaneous Engineering
Risk Management Plans Close Customer Participation

Dedicated Project Managers

SHL assigns dedicated project managers to each customer. The project manager guides the overall direction of the project and is responsible for establishing target objectives and frequently reviewing progress to ensure the project remains on track. We understand customers’ desires for quicker response times, faster product development, and reduced waste; thus, SHL performs simultaneous engineering.

Each project manager ensures that research and development teams address the project’s engineering, clinical, regulatory, quality, and manufacturing tasks. The entire project management team is involved throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Stage Gate Program Management

We use a “Stage Gate” program management process with risk management plans, design/project review meetings, and approvals at appropriate stages of the program. This process encourages good communication among stakeholders; clients can effectively communicate market requirements, engineering can adequately communicate intended features, and management can evaluate financial and risk implications at various stages of the program. This allows for close customer participation with the program management team and clearly establishes lines of communication between SHL and our clients.

Our international teams strive to minimize cultural, communication, and geographic challenges, ensuring our clients always get the service they deserve. They offer experience from a range of specialized industries to fully support our clients and effectively communicate solutions, ensuring the success of every project.