Extensive Global Warehouse Expertise Multiple Sites with Environmental Controls
Just-in-time Inventory Capabilities Risk Management Strategy
Scalable Storage Solutions Customized Global Shipping


SHL customizes its shipping services to suit the needs of our international customers in a number of ways. We collaborate with existing shipping companies, shipping via air/sea to designated locations. If a customer requests that we deal with a preferred shipping or related designated partner, we will contact and collaborate with the company as needed.


SHL has warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia, working directly with shipping companies in those regions. In addition, SHL has Just-in-time (JIT) inventory experience that is utilized to assist some customers to better manage in-process inventory and associated carrying costs.

Warehousing is provided in-house and is also outsourced to vendors with specialized services. Vital to our customers is SHL’s ability to provide scalable storage solutions to meet the needs of varying sales forecasts. SHL provides the freedom to customize the organization of storage areas and have multiple sites with environmental controls. As outlined in our business continuity planning, SHL has implemented a risk management strategy that provides separate areas for storage of raw materials, components and finished goods.